Profacto Advantage

Profacto special building profiles can be designed as constructive and also as carrier that, thanks to rollforming system, which provides serious help in our country's economy.

Profacto profiles adventages are not over:

1 Because It Is Light, First Investment Cost Is Very Low
Compared to same resistance values, Profacto profiles % 45 lightness, lowers the first investment cost at same ratio.

2 Because It Is Light, It Reduces Foundation And Column Cost.
Profacto profiles weight is low that, building affecting loads from roof and in this way column sections, foundation cost and horizontal stability connections (earthquake, wind) becomes in minimum level.

3 Estehetic.
Because of its ligthness and special design, it adds elegance and beauty to the buildings.

4 No Need To Maintenance.
Profacto profiles are produced from galvanized material that it doesn't need undercoat, paint and maintenance.

5 Mounting Is Easy And Economical.
Mounting time is very less. At construction area, there is no need to cutting, perforation, collapsing, welding, uniting with piece kind of processes.

6 Transport Is Easy And Economical.
Because it is light, transport is practical and economic.

7 Doesn't Give Mistake.

Roof truss/roof beam connection holes, and also bracing holes are very sensitively opened that, mistake ratio is brought to minimum level. Holes are opened by computer controlled.

8 Without Wastage.
Against classical rolling profiles, which are produced only in 6 and 12 meters length, Profacto profiles can be produced in demanded length that it doesn't give loss; it doesn't need cutting and additional production workmanship.

9 Design Opportunities Are Endless.
There is no obligatory to content with ready rolling profiles, needed design can be applied.